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It all began with a book...

        Sam, the founder and CEO of Slighter, started smoking at the young age of seventeen. He tried multiple methods to quit but found that none of them actually worked for him. One night, while reading on how "quitting cold turkey was as simple as just doing it", he grew frustrated by the fact that it wasn't simple at all. Sam questioned if there was a better way to stop smoking and that's when the idea of a coaching algorithm dawned on him. He thought: we don't become hooked to nicotine overnight. We gradually train our brain by increasing our intake over time. Like anything we want to change in life, we have to modify our actions little by little and make consistent changes over time. That's why Slighters' main solution is based on the premise of gradual reduction. Sam thought to house the algorithm in a lighter because it is a smokers' necessary companion. He wanted to create a community that helped smokers stay motivated because trying to quit cold turkey was extremely difficult, and it would be more unbearable to do it alone. By fostering a sense of solidarity within a community that was also struggling with the same issue, Sam knew it would help to hold each other accountable. The best way to quit anything is by having the support of family and friends that pushes you to succeed.  

So that's how the idea for Slighter was born! 

    Misson & Values

    Slighter a Techstars portfolio company is a smoking reduction company with the sole aim to help fellow smokers achieve a healthier lifestyle through effective smoking reduction strategies with our innovative smart lighter. Slighter’s mission is to help you break your habit and we act in accordance with the following values:
    Healthy Living

    We want you to be your happiest and healthiest self, and we believe Slighter can help you on your journey.


    We aim to bring the best experts and technologies to help you achieve your goals.


    We use research-based, scientific development as the influence of Slighter’s smart reduction technology.


    We encourage you to share your struggles and success, and we aim to provide you with support and encouragement along the way. 


    We want you to be honest with yourself and Slighter so we help you find success in your reduction goals.

    Environmental Sustainability

    We would like you to stop using disposable lighters that contribute to the planet’s pollution

    Company Timeline

    First Prototype

    Minimal Viable Product finalized 

    USPTO patent issued

    Granted USPTO Utility Patent & Trademark

    R&D Phase I

    Finalizing first phase R&D

    Beta-Test Completion

    Conducted beta-test with 300 smokers
    Resulting in 40% reduction within 3 months

    Working final product

    Final R&D Phase

    CES Innovation Award

    Honoree Award 2019 - Tech for a Better World

    Techstars Class of 2019

    MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars

    Mar 2015
    Dec 2015
    Jun 2017
    Jun 2018
    Nov 2018
    Jan 2019
    Jul 2019

    Our Team

    Driven by passion to make an impact, meet the people who brought Slighter to you!