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It's never too late to invest in your own self-improvement. 
Slighter gives you complete visibility to accurately self-monitor and track your smoking habit. 

Choose to Reduce

Slighter is a lifestyle change solution to help master your smoking habit and reduce cigarette consumption.

Our Product Features

Built with you in mind to make choosing to reduce a smoother transition.

Standard micro USB port and cable 
for easy charging. 


Wind resistant torch flame ready
to ignite anywhere. 


Sturdy double-layered casing 
built to last. 

Bluetooth Enabled

Stay connected. Easily sync your phone 
to Slighter and our online platform. 

Ergonomic Design

Slender and lightweight. Fits perfectly
in the palm of your hand. 

Proximity Locator

Never lose it. Mobile alerts will notify you if Slighter gets left behind. 

Designed Just For You

A personalized program, designed by top-notch engineers and behavioral therapists, that helps you gradually reduce smoking.

Helping in more ways than one

Create a lasting impact for yourself and the global community.

  • Improve your health

    Breathe better, run a little faster, sleep soundly, and ultimately live longer. See and feel the noticeable results.

  • Earn more savings

    The average smoker spends thousands of dollars a year on smoking! Think how much your wallet will thank you.

  • Increase your productivity

    Stop letting smoke breaks keep you from enjoying life.  Allow yourself to be more present at home and at work.

  • Decrease global pollution

    Trillions of cigarette butts and plastic lighters litter our Earth every day. Lets reduce the #1 contaminant worldwide.

Learn How Slighter Learns

Three simple steps goes a long way


Smoke as you routinely would for the first week. 

Slighter automatically records your intake pattern.

Our algorithm learns and analyzes your smoking habit.


Follow the plan and watch your progress as Slighter trains your body and mind towards a healthier smoking habit. 

Recover your lost vitality and energy by effectively reducing your overall nicotine consumption. 


Set your reduction goal and timeline.

Slighter will personalize the most efficient plan for you.

If you change your mind at any point, Slighter adapts to your needs. 

Master Your Habit

Our mobile platform allows you to check your progress, challenge others, and stay motivated. 


Check out what experts are saying about us!

"In today’s world where so many devices and apps compete for our attention, Slighter stands out as a novel, easy-to-use device that people will want to use to help monitor their smoking behavior."

"I was very impressed with the cleverness and simplicity of the concept; it resonates with smokers and allows them to slowly regulate their habits while learning and adapting. I truly believe that Slighter will result in more people controlling their smoking craving and ultimately quitting."

"As a clinical research scientist that has been studying smoking cessation and its treatment for over 10 years, I find that Slighter is absolutely intriguing!"