All About Slighter

The Revolutionary Lighter that’s Tailor-Made
to Reduce Your Smoking Habits

What Is Slighter?

Slighter is a state-of-the-art learning lighter that helps you reduce your daily intake of cigarettes through a customized reduction plan, powered by an innovative and revolutionary algorithm.

Slighter is much more than a simple smoking tracker; it will learn your smoking habits, use the collected data, and then create a personalized reduction plan for you to achieve your goals. As you progress, or even if you have some minor setbacks, Slighter will adapt and create a pace that’s perfect for you. With Slighter, you can successfully learn how to smoke less.

How Does It Work?

Slighter will monitor and register your smoking habits over a period of seven days; it’s imperative that you continue smoking as you usually do, so that Slighter can gather that data in order to create the ideal reduction plan. Every time you light a cigarette, Slighter takes notice when, where, and why you smoked.

Once Slighter has learned your smoking habits, it will ask you to define your end goal and when you’d like to reach it. Using this collected data, Slighter’s AI algorithm will then create a reduction plan to help you meet your goals of smoking less on your own terms. 

Each day, Slighter will alert you when it’s time to smoke. Depending on how well you follow the program, it will gradually reduce the daily amount of cigarettes you smoke. If you find that the plan is too hard or too easy, Slighter will adapt to achieve the goals slower or faster at your pace.

You can skip a cigarette.

If Slighter beeps, but you do not want or are unable to smoke, you can “skip” the cigarette. “Skipped” cigarettes will count towards your progress.

“Skip” Example: Jim is at a meeting when Slighter rings, notifying him of his scheduled cigarette. Jim feels like he has already had a few cigarettes today and is not currently fighting a craving. So, he decides to skip it.

You can cheat with an unscheduled cigarette.

In case you have an urge to smoke, you can always do so; however, it will also be taken into account.

“Cheat” Example: Jim has now finished the meeting and notices that his next cigarette is still 2 hours away. He decides that’s just too far away and chooses to smoke now, so he “cheats.”

You can snooze the scheduled cigarette

for anytime between 10 mins to 1 hour.

“Snooze” Example: Much like scenario in the the “Cheat” example, Jim could choose to “snooze” the cigarette if the meeting will be over within the next hour, thus avoiding having to “cheat” a cigarette later.

You can light a cigarette for a friend

without being accounted for it.

“Friend” Example: Jim is having a cigarette break with a friend and offers to light his cigarette with Slighter using the “Friend” option. The cigarette does not count against Jim’s progress and his friend is most grateful.

A Plan That Adjusts With You

However you perform on a given day, Slighter adjusts. All skipped, scheduled, and cheated cigarettes are recorded and count towards your daily and overall progress.

The more you skip, the closer you will be to the desired goal, thanks to the continuously adapting smart program. 

It is always a good idea to keep on snoozing, because you are likely to reach your “next scheduled” cigarette without having smoked this one. 

Contrarily, the more you cheat, the longer it will take you to achieve your goal.

Slighter will also adapt should your lifestyle change. For example, if you used to be an early bird, waking up at 6 AM and having your first cigarette with coffee at 6:10 AM but now you tend to wake up at 8 AM, Slighter will gradually adapt and offer your first cigarette at 8:10 AM accordingly. 

Or, if you used to go out on Friday nights and have a few extra cigarettes, but now you go out on Saturdays more frequently, Slighter will learn and adjust the plan. However, it will never compromise your ultimate goal to reduce and quit smoking. Slighter’s ultimate goal is to help you reduce smoking “your way”.

You can also see how much money you’ve saved based on the cigarettes you’ve skipped or reduced. Every smoker knows that smoking is an expensive habit but when you begin to see just how much you’re saving by reducing, your motivation will consequently increase and your goal becomes even more attainable. These monetary benefits can open up a new world of possibilities:

Increased savings or investments, 

A larger budget for living expenses and bills, 

Greater opportunities for vacations, or 

Just a fun night out with a loved one.

On top of that, Slighter is a sustainable solution: instead of buying a number of disposable lighters, you invest in a device that can be resold or given as a gift after you no longer need it. 

As you progress, the Slighter app will reward you with achievement badges; it will also provide you with unique challenges to help you stay on track and make faster progress. Push notifications, triggered according to Cognitive Behavior Therapy science, will help you stay motivated and keep your morality high when you are having a hard day -- we all know there will be some days that are harder than others. 

Connect with friends through our online community to encourage and motivate one another. By the end of your reduction plan, you will be one large step closer to quitting altogether.

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