Slighter is a smart device with cutting-edge Smart Technology that helps you master your smoking habit and reduce cigarette consumption.


Whether your goal is to reduce your smoking habits or quit smoking altogether, Slighter can help. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Slighter learns when you smoke and creates a personalized plan to help you reduce smoking gradually. With a sleek design, a high-resolution full color touch screen, and seamless connectivity with our app, Slighter is the innovative reduction breakthrough you’ve always wanted.
    Our algorithm records and analyzes your smoking habits for one week.
    Slighter creates a custom plan to train your body and mind to reduce smoking.
    Recover your lost vitality and energy by effectively reducing smoking habits.

Designed for you

A personalised program designed by top notch engineers and behavioural therapists, then tested with everyday smokers.
    We know you need a lighter, which is why we offer you a lighter that does the thinking for you. Consider Slighter a smoking companion that tells you when you can smoke, and when you can’t.
  • A Plan Just for You
    No matter how much you smoke or when, Slighter will learn your patterns and create a tailored, gradual reduction plan that’s just for you.
  • Your Pace, Your Way
    You don’t have to do the math, worry about withdrawal symptoms or that you smoke too much . Slighter’s algorithm takes care of it all for you. All you need to do is follow the plan .
  • Seeing Is Believing
    Visualizing your progress can be the extra push you need to carry on towards your end goal. Slighter delivers a user-friendly dashboard, displaying your progress with various stats and interactive graphs.
  • Daily Encouragement
    To further motivate you, Slighter sends you CBT-based personal notifications throughout the day to keep you on track. It is always good to seek support from others, check Slighter’s Community feature and compare your progress - there is always strength in numbers.

Meet the team

  • Samer El gharib
    Founder & CEO
  • Raymond Soueid
    CSO, Advisory board member
  • Katya Soueid
    COO, Business Development Manager
  • Mohamad Yakteen
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeanine Ziadeh
    Executive Administrator
  • Wissam Sammouri
    Data Mining Advisor
  • Christina Riachi
    Psychology Advisor
T: +1 (781) 468-8601
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